• In my documentary projects, I explore the way people relate to their environment. People define their surroundings in all sorts of ways. Convers, people derive identity, freedom and a sense of security from where and with whom they are. People are attracted to places and people that they can relate to. What is cause – what is effect? Do people adjust to fit in - or do they change their environment in such a way that it fits them? Man in his setting, the subtle and mutual way of influencing – whether consciously or not, is the subject of my photography.


    2017 Exhibition on Rotterdam Photo 2017
    2016 Start working for Parool Newspaper
    2016 Selected for New Duch Photography Talent 2017
    2016 Publication / interview PF
    2016 Publication Parool ("All young people left')
    2016 Publication Parool ("to be framed")
    2016 Exhibition Unframed - Roest Amsterdam
    2016 Graduation Fotoacademie Amsterdam
    2016 Exhibition "point of street view" with the ‘Perron-010’ collective at Rotterdam Photo
    2015 Winner (by jury) NRC competition theme "man”
    2015 Publication serie “F.A.S.T.” in NRC Handelsblad
    2014 Exhibition New York Photo Festival
    2014 Exhibition Ian Royce Gallery – Kaapstad Zuid Afrika

    Marijke Stroucken | marijke@marijkestroucken.nl | +31 6 22401008